Pulse Simulator and Counter


Fully Commission Converters and Dataloggers without turning on the gas.

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Simulate the presence of a spinning meter

The device is designed to simulate the presence of a spinning meter and monitor the number of LF events triggered by meters, converters, chatterboxes, and barriers.

Three predefined modes supply a steady stream of pulses to the converter helping to verify the setup without turning on the gas.

When correctly set up, the Converter will display the Flow within 1% of the Target Flow and the Primary Volume will increment with the correct amount of units.

The Base Flow and the Base Volume will be calculated based on the conversion factor.

Pulse Simulator Function

Three modes, specifically programmed to simulate meters with a pulse weight of

  • 1 pulse per 1 cubic meter
  • 1 pulse per 10 cubic meters
  • 10 pulses per 1 cubic meter

Three of the most common meter pulses are simulated within 1% accuracy backed by calibration certificates.

The device displays the pulse weight and the flow that will be generated.

Pulse Counter Function

Pulse Counter, is the default function available once the device started.

Used as a pulse counter, the device will interface with barriers, chatterboxes and relays to capture the pulse output for visual confirmation.

  • 1st line of text on the screen describes the operating mode
  • 2nd line offers a visual reminder of the polarity of the cables used
  • 3rd line of text shows the number of pulses counted.



Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
Pulse Simulator

Pulse Simulator

Pulse Counter

Pulse Counter

Gas Tools

Natural Gas Engineering tools

Case Material

3D Printed PLA+

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    Useful piece of kit. Helps you make sure that the converter is properly setup.

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