Telemetry Services dedicated for the UK and EU Natural Gas Metering Industry

Gas Metering Telemetry and instrumentation solutions in the context of Predictive Behaviour and Artificial Intelligence.

Commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.

Bespoke testing equipment and SCADA solutions for the natural gas industry.

From Warehouse dedicate testers to site troubleshooting and analysis, we can help you improve workflow and customer satisfaction.

From a simple connectivity issue to advanced vibration analysis we implement both human and AI power to determine and resolve the underlying cause.

From Modbus RTU to TCP converters all the way to LoRaWAN we make remote monitoring easy and accessible both to the end user and the MAMs

Bespoke testing equipment

  • Simulate the presence of a spinning meter.
  • Fully commission any gas module.
  • No need for gas in the pipework.
  • Multiple Solutions.
  • Dedicated for the Gas Market.
  • Personalised formats.

Gas Governor Meter Pulse Transmitter Modules

  • See the wiring behind some of the most common pulse transmitter modules
  • RJ11 Dresser Pulse Module
  • Elster Pulse Module commonly found in diaphragm meters